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  1. Posted By Dr. Ibrahim Okich on April 28, 2021

    The Healthcare system is composed of various moving parts, and healthcare providers need the latest performance data to make the right decision at the right time. Healthcare KPIs and healthcare metrics provide the data you need to make tough calls with confidence.

  2. Posted By Dr. Ibrahim Okich on April 09, 2021

    Today's digital world requires you to be an all-around health practitioner. People want healthcare information at their fingertips to save them the hustles of going through a healthcare institution to know what problem they may be having.

  3. Posted By Dr. Ibrahim Okich on March 30, 2021

    The foundation of making the most out of healthcare content is to find the right content to create. You need to understand what information your patients and other potential patients need and want to know.

  4. Posted By Dr. Ibrahim Okich on March 11, 2021

    Patients, providers, doctors, big pharma, managers, insurance companies, and governments consent that technology has the potential of providing solutions that could tame health care costs and improve service quality.

  5. Posted By Dr. Ibrahim Okich on March 05, 2021

    One of the biggest obstacles in any medical practice in Kenya is getting and maintaining customers. With so many medical practices coming up in the country, your potential client base may be too small even if you have excellent services because you are not visible to many people.

  6. Posted By Dr. Ibrahim Okich on March 03, 2021

    In healthcare, choices have real impacts on the sick and society. The ability to collect and evaluate complete, detailed data helps decision-makers determine medication or surgery options, forecasting the course of significant health incidents and making long-term plans.

  7. Posted By Dr. Ibrahim Okich on February 20, 2021

    This is a term that refers to a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. It describes an approach to optimizing health system performance.

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