Who we are

We are a software company focusing on improving healthcare businesses through artificial intelligent software solutions.

Our Mission

To strengthen health systems using intelligent software solutions

Our Vision

To contribute to the quality of life by making tools for healthcare

What we do

We assist you in improving your health business by:

Building software that automate day to day tasks to save you on time, improves productivity
Providing actionable insight from your data through data analytics using statistical software tools
Providing predictions and decision support tools based on your data
Getting you more clients through digital marketing
Promoting your brand through website designs

Our Story

Having worked in the healthcare industry for close to 10 years as a hospital pharmacist in JCIA accredited hospitals.

I observed that most challenges in the industry can be solved by a smart Information Technology system.

I have always had a passion for IT that pushed me to do software development and data science that led to the birth of Tripleaim Software Company.

I founded Tripleaim Software having been inspired by a course I did on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety by IHI.

How can we use technology to improve patient experience, population health and reduce healthcare cost?

We bring a team of professionals to build these efficient, effective and safe software solutions in collaboration with healthcare providers.

Why we do it

We believe that:

Healthcare processes automation can increase efficiency and productivity at a lower cost
We can derive more actionable insight from the data being generated from the software applications we use
We can predict the future using historical and current data to improve decision making that affect health outcome
Creating awareness about your services can increase your revenue, promote accessibility and better health outcomes

Core Values

Efficiency and creativity

We test various ideas and pick the most efficient

Collaborative and partnership

We believe in coming together to solve challenges

Constant improvement

We focus on incremental improvement over time


We do our research to come up with innovative solutions


We provide leadership in health information Technology


We learn constantly to keep abreast of the changing world

Our Team

Meet Our Team


Dr Ibrahim Okich

Talk to Us

After Submitting your request. Our representative will call or meet you to discuss project requirements in detail, then we will do a proposal detailing project plan, cost and timeline