Strengthening Health Systems

Our intelligent technology solutions:

  • Improve patient experience
  • Improve quality of care
  • Boost online exposure
  • Reduce cost


We leverage data to build models that predict the future to help you in decision making

We design, build and maintain websites, custom software application, digital marketing.

Data Analytics

Improve operational efficiency – use data as part of business intelligence strategy, cut down cost and provide better care with help of predictive analytics

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8 out of 10 patients search for medical information online, having an up to date website will generate leads by increasing your online exposure

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Software Application

Streamline your business by automation, get more done in less time and resources with increased efficiency and accuracy.

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Digital Marketing

Getting your brand known through target marketing can lead to high conversion rate and increase in revenue

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Use case

Hospital and Clinics

Triage waiting time can be improved by software that enables patient to type in their own medical information using a patient portal in the waiting room.



Manage your inventory using smart system that advices you on maintaining optimum inventory and pricing options



Software tools that enables data collection from the patient to be easier, intuitive and accurate for proper monitoring.


Bodies and Association

Organizations can increase their membership by offering more of self-service online solutions


Why Us


The experience from the healthcare industry will make it easier to provide you with a solution since we know the best health practices as per the JCIA guidelines

All in One Package

The all in one package software solution that we provide makes it easier for you to manage your ICT and marketing tasks in your business.

Intelligent Systems

We enhance the intelligence of your software solution with artificial intelligence to be able to help you in making decision

Our Blog

Want to understand more on the future of Health Technology?

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How To Get More Clients Or Patients For Your Medical Practice

One of the biggest obstacles in any medical practice in Kenya is getting and maintaining customers. With so many medical practices coming up in the country, your potential client base may be too small even if you have excellent services because you are not visible to many people.


How To Reduce Healthcare Cost Using Technology

Patients, providers, doctors, big pharma, managers, insurance companies, and governments consent that technology has the potential of providing solutions that could tame health care costs and improve service quality.


How Can Data Analytics Support Healthcare Decision-Making?

In healthcare, choices have real impacts on the sick and society.The ability to collect and evaluate complete, detailed data helps decision-makers determine medication or surgery options, forecasting the course of significant health incidents and making long-term plans.



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