3 reasons why we chose the name tripleaim

Posted By Dr. Ibrahim Okich on February 20, 2021

What is the triple aim?

This is a term that refers to a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

It describes an approach to optimizing health system performance.

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What does it entail?

It proposes health systems consider three main goals when improving their performance.

  • Improving patient experience i.e quality and satisfaction.
  • Improving the health of the population.
  • Reducing the cost of health care.


Why should you adopt this framework?

The cost of healthcare has been on the rise and it might only get worse due to:

  • Aging population,
  • Increased longevity,
  • High prevalence of chronic health problems,
  • Overstretched health facilities and personnel.

In our current health system, no one is accountable for all the three goals of triple aim, the health of the patient, health of the community, cost of care.

All these 3 goals are related, and we need to address them at the same time.

The Triple aim framework will lead to healthier populations by identifying problems and solutions within and without the health care setting.

Patients will have a coordinated type of care that will decrease the burden of illness.

Reducing the cost of healthcare will promote the economy by freeing up resources for business in terms of funds and human resources.


Why the name tripleaim software for our company?

Our company mission and vision align well with the goals of the triple aim framework.

We are a software company that intends to bring in artificial intelligent software solutions that will be able to improve all levels of the system through a systematic approach.

Reason 1#

We develop tools that improve patients’ experience by making access to healthcare affordable, safe, and convenient i.e. technologies like telemedicine and patient monitoring applications.

These technologies will improve the quality of care by offering decision support tools and preventing patient harm by having control checks in various processes that will be able to notify the provider of any risks or errors in administering health care services.

Reason 2#

By developing tools for patient engagement and incorporating social determinants of health in these tools.

The interventions made from the trends or patterns detected in the data of these tools will lead to an improvement in the health of the population.

For instance, the prevalence of a disease like asthma might be high in a particular region.

If the region has industrial factories polluting the air, that might call for an intervention like putting policies in place to guide against air pollution which will reduce those asthma cases.

Reason 3#

Reducing the cost of health care is a goal for every nation.

Automating some of the manual tasks through technology will increase the productivity of personnel which will lower operational costs.

Detecting patterns and trends in data generated from healthcare digital tools will aid in decision-making by helping you recognize wasted resources and putting them to good use or where they are needed.


Our Approach.

We implement triple aim by following this simple framework adopted from The Lean Startup:

The Lean Startup



We identify the challenge or the problem that you want to solve from the target population.

Do thorough research on the problem to come up with ideas that will mitigate the problem.

Define the aims and measures of the project then we decide on the idea we will start with to learn from.


We build a minimum viable product which means a basic structure or set of features that can meet the objectives to start operations.


We test and collect data by measuring how the product is being used, problems being encountered, which other features are needed, threats.

From analyzing this data, we get to learn what is important and what is a waste.

We go back to research to get ideas to improve on what is important then improve the product as we scale, depending on the user needs and conditions.


How beneficial is this framework?

This framework is beneficial in that, you end up with a product that has all the functions you need and has been optimized to your preference, and at the same time, you have no waste or features that are not useful to you.

With the cost of innovative technologies decreasing, it’s time to adopt these technologies.



The Lean Startup

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