Increase Revenue while Saving on Time and Cost

Pharmaceutical marketplace enabling data-driven decision making in sales and provision of medicine and healthcare services

Afyabook Value proposition

Enabling online orders from patients

Enabling patients to order medication and healthcare services from registered pharmaceutical retailers, clinics and hospitals.

Enabling data-driven decision making

Provision of data analytics services to providers and patients based on the data generated from the e-commerce platform and health information management system.

Enabling omnichannel marketing of healthcare products and services

Enabling healthcare providers to market their products and services to patients within the platform.

User friendly Health Information Management System

Enabling automation of pharmacy operations, medication therapy management, remote patient monitoring, clinicals and patient engagement.



Order medication and healthcare services online from a wide selection of providers.

Adopt Preventive Therapy

Get healthcare services like Medication Therapy Management, telehealth, self-care guidance.

Manage Your Health Information

Manage your healthcare information and leverage your data for better health.

Hospitals/Retail Pharmacy

EMR Automated Data Analysis

Electronic medical record automatic data analysis (patient data, financial,operations) for better decision making in patient treatment.


Get online clients/orders from patients within the platform – increase revenue.

Data Driven Decisions

Customer purchase data analysis for better decision making in marketing, customer satisfaction and inventory management.

Data Driven Decisions

Transactional data analysis (costs and quantities) for better decision making in medication purchase.

Generate Demand

Advertise on the platform to patients – decreasing time to market.

Expand Your Reach

Market through health education to attract more clients.

Save Cost and Time

We send emails to our email list to market your special offers.

Join other healthcare providers caring for patients through technology with Afyabook