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Cut operational costs by eliminating waste

Consumer insights through analytics

Reduce rejected insurance claims

Predict what customer will buy

Content marketing on many channels

Sell your services and products online

Manage your business reputation

User driven innovation

Pharmacovigilance, patient safety programs

Pharmacy management software

Dispensing error capturing tool

Real time quality reporting

E-prescribing software

Advertise your services to get leads

Customize your marketing strategy

Manage your social media handles

Follow up leads through re-marketing


Discover new services to offer, a strategic benefit, competitive advantage through data analysis
Make decisions before your competitors through AI automated decision making
Optimize staff efficiency and productivity by understanding historical admission and discharges rates of patients
Advance patient care through Electronic Health Record analysis
Discover diseases early and intervene
Access to patients records from anywhere
Electronic Health Record and Telemedicine
Document management program
Patient information management
Patient monitoring applications
Patient portal - send reminders, prescription refills, lab results, share information
Build trust through effective flow of communication
Reduce cost on prints by communicating online
Get new customers from online referrals
Establish Online brand identity
Optimize your ranking on google for customers to find you and book an appointment
Customize your marketing strategy
Expose your brand consistently on social media
Follow up leads through re-marketing


Streamline documentation of clinical trials data for quality and accuracy
Patient monitoring online tools
Built system with expertise
Uncover hidden pattern, unknown correlation and insights by examining large sets of data
Discover the right care for diseases


Increase your online exposure to reach a wide range of members
Responsive automated customer service
Leveraging analytics for strategic decision making
Personalized and integrated communication through chatbots and virtual assistance


Run value based insurance.
identify fraud before it happens.
Fast-track claims with predictive analytics.
Revolutionize the customer service experience.
create targeted campaigns that are high-value and low cost and identify ways to foster member loyalty and generate revenue.


Identify and promptly intervene in higher risks and high cost patients

Public Health Surveillance Tools

E-health Applications

Programs for Management of Patients with Chronic Conditions

Informed Policy making through public health data

Self management and Patient Engagement Programs

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